Celestron CGX-L 11 Inch Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph

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Celestron CGX-L 11 Inch Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph

The Mount

The CGX-L is Celestron's highest capacity German Equatorial mount rated at 75lbs capacity- large enough for permanent installation in an observatory, yet remaining portable for use in non permanent locations. 144mm diameter worm wheels provide smooth operation and can more accurately drive heavier loads. A 270mm long saddle provides support to larger optical tubes. Remote operation friendly features such as home and limit optical sensors are standard equipment. In addition to that, mechanical and ergonomic improvements throughout to make the mount sturdier, easier to use, and easier to transport.


The Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope(SCT) is a hybrid optical design termed catadioptric. The modern SCT is a popular telescope design due to it's compact size vs aperture. StarBright XLT coated optics housed in a lightweight aluminum tube round out this popular design.

Mount Specs

SKU: CEL-91532
Description: CGX-L
Type: German Equatorial
Saddle: CGE(Losmandy(D)), CG5(Vixen)
Payload(lbs/kg): 75/34
Mount Weight(lbs/kg): 53/24
Tripod: 2.75in Steel
Tripod Weight(lbs/kg): 46/21
GoTo: Y
Control: NexStar, PC
Object Catalogs: 40,000+ objects, 100 user defined programmable objects. Enhanced information on over 200 objects
HC Object Database: 40000+
Polar Alignment: P Scope, HC Routine. Other
Star Align Methods: 2-Star Align, 1-Star Align, Solar System Align, Last Alignment, Quick Align
Ports: 4 Aux ports (Hand Control can use any Aux port, 2 are located near the dovetail saddle for optional accesories)
Motors: DC Servo
Encoders: N
Drive: Belt
Home Sensors: Y
Tracking Modes: EQ North & EQ South
Tracking Rates: SID, SOL, LUN
Built In Guider: N
GuidePort: Y
Auto-Guiding Speed:  
Periodic Error(uncorrected):  
Pointing Accuracy(armin):  
Max Slew Speed: 3Deg/s
Slew Speeds: 7 slew speeds - max speed 3deg/second
Latitude Range(EQ, ALTAZ): 3-65, NA
Cable Management:  
Power: 12VDC, 3.5AMP
Counterweight(lb/kg): 1x22/10
WiFi: Optional
Internal Clock: Y

OTA Specs

SKU: CEL-91075
OpticalDesign: Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph(RASA)
Glass Elements:  
Aperture(mm): 279.4
Aperture(in): 11.0
FocalLength(mm): 620
FocalRatio: 2.2
DawesLimit(arc seconds): 0.42
RayleighLimit(arc seconds):: 0.49
LimMagnitude: 14.9
Central Obstruction(mm/%): 114/41
Spot Size(um) <4.4um RMS Over FOV
Back Focus(mm): 55 to 72.8
Wavelength Range(nm): 400-700
LightGrasp(>human eye): 1593
Fastar(Hyperstar Available): NA
ImageCircle(mm): 43.3
Focuser: FeatherTouch Dual speed focuser
Dovetail Bar: CGE/Losmandy
Vented: Fan
MirrorLock: N/A
Dewshield: N/A
Finderscope: N
Case: N
Coatings: StarBright XLT
Weight(lbs/kg): 43/19.5
MaxMagnification: N/A
MinMagnification: N/A
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