Looking to sell? We offer consignment!

If you are looking to sell your equipment, we offer consignment.  

How it works:

1.  Call us to discuss what you want to sell.  Email in a list with photos of what you want to sell.  We will let you know what we can sell.

2.  Drop off all items at the store, where we will write up a list of items left here.

3.  We will test, clean and research all items.

4.  We will email you with our suggested pricing of all items, and await your approval.

5.  We will tag each item and display in our storefront.

6.  Our knowledgeable team will help answer all the questions our customers have, including set up and take down of equipment.

Terms:  30% commission

GRACE PERIOD: 30 days warranty period must pass BEFORE sale is finalized, etransfers are sent out to email on file.  NOTE:  We do not offer refunds for any reason other than a used item being defective.  All items sold are thoroughly tested, however, due to the nature of used equipment (particularly electronics), there is a 30 day warranty period that must pass.  

Why consign with KW Telescope?  Years of experience with Astronomy equipment of all ages and types.  We price items at fair market value, which means more money back in your pocket.  We have experience with estate sales, so you don't have to do the hard work of researching, listing and selling.  Our storefront is well laid out and merchandised, and we offer accessories and a wide assortment of valuable tools for Astronomy.