Happy New Year!

Welcome to KW Telescope!

We have many products, product lines and features to add. Please stay tuned. We had to create a product catalog from scratch- our existing catalog and backups were unusable. That state of our Website will never occur again.

As we continue to work on the site, there may still be some discrepancies in product descriptions, pricing, etc, and we do encourage you to contact us if you come across a problem. The product catalogue was extremely time consuming to create, and there are many items that are being added daily. We continue to reserve the right to make adjustments and correct errors in these discrepancies.

What is new about our website?

We have essentially started the process of meticulously rewording descriptions of products, resources for you to assist you with your decisions, adding features that will allow you to get shipping quotes, and other cool things like customer photos and events that will take place here.

We are here to help.

Ultimately, we are here to assist you along the way and we want to make sure you know that when you need that help, we will be there.  We encourage you to continue calling, emailing and coming in to our store front so you can get that help.  We will continue to be responsive, and answer your questions as quickly as possible.  

We are family.

As this store is a family run business, we value family and friends.  We want to continue that feeling that you are among family and friends when you shop with us.  We want the store front to be welcoming to all-near and far, all levels and all price points.  We will continue to strive to be competitive, informative, and resourceful for you so that this hobby remains fun and educational.  We will continue to research new products that are of high quality, and value.  We will continue to offer services such as repairs, training, seminars, and special events.  We will also continue to seek out new adventures and audiences that we feel may benefit from our knowledge, whether that is bird watching, microscopy or any element of Astronomy.  

We value your opinion.

While we know that our work has been hard, there will be improvements that will still need to be made. We will work hard to listen to your opinion, and try to implement the things that you ask for. We continue to reserve the right to make adjustments and correct errors in these discrepancies. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

2020 Jan 17th Shannon Cameron

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