April 8th Total Solar Eclipse 2024


Kitchener Ontario will observe 99% totality of the upcoming Eclipse on April 8th 2024.  Some schools will be closed, and just about everyone will be curious to see it!  You may want to know some things!

The following info (just about) explains all the things you need to know to plan appropriately:

1.  Eclipse "glasses" UPDATE: We are getting a shipment next week with only 315 (as of March 6th) pairs of Eclipse glasses that are available, so get your order in 1 877 345 5757 THIS WILL SELL OUT FAST SO DO NOT WAIT!

2.  The start time on April 8th is 2:03p.m and it ends 4:30p.m.  Good time to have a little bit of snacks and spend some time with your family.

3.  There is a local club called "Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Kitchener-Waterloo Centre" that will be hosting a special observing session.  Details can be found here:  www.kw.rasc.ca. Please reach out directly to the club for details.   Eclipse2024 — KW RASC

4.  If you are planning on travelling out of town for this, the further south you go, the closer to 100% you will observe!  We know that Niagara Region, for example, will be one incredibly busy day!  

5.  This experience is once every 50 years or so, and many only have the chance to see it once in their lifetime.  So of course, we recommend that you take the time to observe safely and enjoy yourself.  Stay tuned for any updates here regarding the Eclipse.

2024 Feb 21st

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