Astro-Physics Mach2GTO German Equatorial Mount Extended Temp 1 AVAILABLE

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Astro-Physics Mach2GTO German Equatorial Mount Extended Temp

A mid-sized observatory-class mount, the 1100GTO will provide reliable operation in a remote observatory as well as a star party!

Three versions of the 1100GTO are available: the 1100GTO, 1100GTO-AE and 1100GTO-AEL. The AE and AEL versions provide Standard Temperature Absolute Encoders or Extended Temperature Absolute Encoders, respectively. Absolute encoders can be purchased at a later date to install yourself.

  • Polar Align, Power Up and Go!
  • Renishaw Absolute Encoder for the ultimate in precise tracking - no SDE or random errors above 1/4 arc sec
  • Absolute encoder provides near zero tracking error and resists outside influences such as wind and cable drag
  • Precision balancing via the clutches without taking the worm gears out of mesh
  • Brushless Micro-step Servo System for precise and whisper-quiet slewing and tracking
  • Dual-model pointing and tracking rate correction even with the telescope in the counterweight UP position. using Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) Pro version, included
  • Custom tracking rates in both axes (for asteroids, comets, satellites)
  • Auto-Adjusting gear mesh
  • Image all night without meridian flip, as long as your scope clears
  • Daytime polar alignment is now simplified since we have encoders to set the positions
  • Precision azimuth adjuster with rotating base
  • Built-in bubble level & compass
  • Right-angle polar alignment scope (optional) 
  • Through-mount cabling
  • Fully supported enhanced ASCOM driver
  • Threaded for QHY Polemaster AP900 adapter (shown in photo)
  • Portable – under 40 lbs
  • Operate with 12V battery or up to 24V power supply
  • Ideal for 6-7” refractors, 8-12” SCTs and Maks


Description: Mach2GTO German Equatorial Mount
Type: German Equatorial
Saddle: Various
Payload(lbs/kg): 75/34
Mount Weight(lbs/kg): 39/17.7
Tripod: Optional
Tripod Weight: _
GoTo: Y
Control: Hand Control, PC
Object Catalogs:  
HC Object Database:  
Polar Alignment:  
Star Align Methods:  
Motors: Brushless micro-step servo
Encoders: Y
Drive: Gear
Clutches Y
Home Sensors:  
Tracking Modes:  
Tracking Rates:  
Built In Guider: N
Auto-Guiding Speed:  
Periodic Error(uncorrected):  
Pointing Accuracy(armin):  
Max Slew Speed: 5deg/sec @12VDC; 7deg/sec@24VDC
Slew Speeds:  
Latitude Range(EQ, ALTAZ): 0-67
Cable Management:  
Power: 12-24VDC 5AMP
Internal Clock:  
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