Astro-Physics 1600GTO German Equatorial Mount w/ APCC-Standard

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  • 1600GTO German Equatorial Mount with APCC-Standard
  • 1600GTO German Equatorial Mount with APCC-Standard 2
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1600GTO German Equatorial Mount with APCC-Standard

High-quality Swiss DC servo motors controlled by a microprocessor to an accuracy of 0.05 arc-seconds per step are implemented in GTOCP4 drive system.Very smooth tracking enables PE correction to be very accurate. The system can be precisely controlled over a speed range of 4800:1, which allows 0.25x sidereal for manual guiding to 1200x sidereal for 5 degree per second slewing. Rigorously tested, only mounts that provide an accuracy of 7 arc seconds or better will pass this inspection. If the mount exhibits greater error, the substandard part is identified, replaced and the mount is retested.

  • Semi-PortableOperate with 12V battery
  • Convenient and quick Azimuth and Altitude Adjustment
  • Through-the-mount cabling
  • RA and DEC Clutches
  • Image past the meridian
  • Easy polar alignment for critical viewing
  • Multiple Options for Controlling your Mount in the Field or in Your Observatory
  • Auto-Adjusting Motor/Gearboxes
  • Optional Absolute Encoder


Description: 1600GTO German Equatorial Mount with APCC-Standard
Type: German Equatorial
Saddle: Various
Payload(lbs/kg): 220/102
Mount Weight(lbs/kg): 106.7/48.6
Tripod: Optional
Tripod Weight: _
GoTo: Y
Control: Hand Control, PC
Object Catalogs:  
HC Object Database:  
Polar Alignment: Polar Scope
Star Align Methods:  
Motors: High-torque, zero-cogging Swiss DC servo motors
Clutches Y
Home Sensors:  
Tracking Modes:  
Tracking Rates:  
Built In Guider: N
Auto-Guiding Speed:  
Periodic Error(uncorrected): "+/-"2.5arcsec
Pointing Accuracy(armin):  
Max Slew Speed: 5deg/sec
Slew Speeds:  
Latitude Range(EQ, ALTAZ): 0-78
Cable Management: Y
Power: 12VDC, 5AMP
Counterweight(lb/kg): Optional
Internal Clock:  
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