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Hotech Astro Aimer Gen III

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Hotech Astro Aimer Gen III

A water resistant superbright LED flashlight(red and white, directly switchable) with a Class IIIa high output green laser, housed in a precision machined anodized aerospace grade aluminum housing.

White LED: total approximate 24,000 mcd output power, GaInN material, full spectrum wavelength.

Red LED: 4,000 mcd, AlGaInP material, 620nm wavelength.

Green Laser: 532nm <=5mW

One inch diameter aluminum body with a 1/4in 20 TPI thread insert(mount on a ball head as you would a camera).

Powered by three AAA cells.

Battery life: Laser up to 6 hours, Flashlight up to 20 hours.

Operating temperature & humidity: 20oC ~ 30oC - < 95% relative humidity.

Storage temperature & humidity: -10oC ~ 60oC - < 95% relative humidity.

A fifteen inch long lanyard is included and other accessories are avalible.


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