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1100GTO: 1100GTO German Equatorial Mount
Polar Fork / Right Ascension Axis (R.A.) Assembly
Declination Axis (Dec.) Assembly
GTOCP4 Servo Control Box  (GTOCP4)
Control Box Adapter (CBAPT)
16.675" Stainless Counterweight Shaft, 1.875" diameter (M9404-B) and Safety Stop (M12676)
R.A. and Dec. Y-Cable
Power Cable Set for GTOCP4, includes 6' Cable with PowerPole Connector, 18" Cable with Cigarette Lighter Plug and 18" Cable with Ring Terminals (CABPP4SET)
15' Straight-through Serial Cable (CABSER15)
Allenhead wrench set
USB thumb drive containing: PEMPro v3 Software written by Ray Gralak of Sirius Imaging. Also, PDFs of 1100GTO and GTO Keypad instruction manuals.
Manual: 1100GTO German Equatorial
Manual: GTOCP4 Servo Motor Drive System
Registration Card
Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) Pro version software is included (APCC-PRO)