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Baader Planetarium

Baader Planetarium Polarization Filter, 1.25in Single

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Baader Planetarium Polarization Filter, 1.25in Single

Baader Polarizing Filter

Screws into 1¼ or 2" eyepieces/threads. Useful in Lunar and Solar observations to limit brightness and increase contrast.

The filter can also be used with a Baader Hershel Wedge to provide an adjustable variable brightness. Positioned between the Baader Hershel Wedge and Eyepiece the filter/eyepiece combination can then be rotated to adjust brightness.

Important Information for Observing the Sun

Polarizer and neutral density filters need additional filtering ahead of the scope or eyepiece for any observing of the sun (for example, Baader Herschel Prism or Baader Astro Solar Safety Film). Using without the appropriate safe solar filters can cause permanent damage to the these filters and eyesight.

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