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Starizona SCT Corrector III - 0.63X Reducer / Coma Corrector

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Starizona SCT Corrector III - 0.63X Reducer / Coma Corrector

Given small optical enhancements over it's predecessors as well as the standardization of the top thread to M42 for easier customization, this is the third installment of the SCT Corrector from Starizona.


  • 0.63x focal reduction factor
  • 2.5x faster than SCT's native f/10
  • 1.4x faster than original f/7.5 SCT Corrector design
  • 27mm image circle
  • 2" barrel
  • Threaded for 48mm filters
  • SCT Corrector Top Thread: M42 x 0.75mm T-thread
  • Mechanical Backfocus (thread shelf to focal plane): 90.3mm (3.56”)
  • Black anodized, machined aluminum housing
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Improved 4-element optical design


OTA: Focal Length(mm): Focal Ratio:
C6 1220 f/8
C8 1450 f/6.8
C9.25 1490 f/6.3
C11 1760 f/6.3
C14 2365 f/6.7
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