PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox V2

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PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox V2

ASCOM 6.4, INDI and INDIGO fully supported. Full StellarMate compatibility.

Features(supports up to 20Amps input current):

  • Four 12VDC smart outputs
  • Three outputs for Dew Heaters/Flatpanels/Fans
  • USB3.1 powered SuperSpeed 5 Gbit/s hub(4 x USB3.1 and 2 x USB2 ports)
  • Stepper motor control
  • Software configurable 3-12VDC @3Amp outputs
  • 12VDC always-on mini PC output
  • Environment and power readings
  • Compact size

Supported stepper motors(ALWAYS check for correct pinouts on cable terminations):

  • Pegasus MFK- straight through ethernet cable 8p8c(RJ45) to 8p8c(RJ45)
  • Robofocus- 8p8c RJ45 to DB9
  • Moonlite- 8p8c(RJ45) to DB9
  • Lakeside- 8p8c(RG45) to DB9
  • Starlight HSM 20, 30, 35- 8p8c(RG45) to 8p8c(RJ45)
  • Rigel nStep- 8p8c(RJ45) to 6p6c(RJ12)

Enable or disable resident backlash compensation via software. A fully ASCOM6 focuser driver is available.


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