Lunt 40mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope

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Lunt 40mm Dedicated Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope

All Lunt 40mm H-Alpha Solar Telescope Systems require a Lunt Blocking Filter!


  • Includes Standard B500 (5mm Blocking Filter) for Visual purposes

The excitement of viewing our Star through a dedicated solar telescope is sure to provide many many hours of visual enjoyment and educational insights. As the Sun becomes increasingly more active, your love for your instrument is sure to grow!

  • Specifications: 
  • System Wavelength: 656.28nm. Hydrogen-alpha (tuneable, dedicated)
  • System Focal Length: f10
  • Sun Image Size: 3.67mm
  • Objective: Precision Doublet (Optimized at 656nm)
  • Blocking Filter: 5mm standard (upgradeable to 6mm or 12mm)
  • Etalon Size: 40mm full aperture precision Lunt Etalon
  • Etalon Peak Transmission: >88%
  • Etalon Net Finesse: 19
  • Etalon FSR (Free Spectral Range): 12 Angstroms
  • Etalon Tuning: Conventional Tilt through +/- 1 Angstrom
  • Etalon FWHM (Bandpass): <0.65 Angstrom
    • Weight of Telescope: 2.8lbs
    • Additional Features:
    • Integrated Vixen Style dovetail plate (included) with integrated 1/4-20 tapped holes in base for camera mounts
    • Non-rotating helical focuser (included) (upgrade to FT available)
    • Sol-Searcher (Included)
    • DS (Doublestack) available by pre-order soon (Optional accessory) (not included)(Price TBD (~US$499)
    • Fitted Foam
    • Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents


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